Pressure Cooked

After beating the Bishop’s Gaiters on Friday, the Stingers lost to the McGill Martlets 2-0 on Sunday. Photo Laura Lalonde. Stingers End Weekend with Tough Loss to McGill SPORTS by Chanel Jacques — Published September 8, 2014 The Stingers women’s soccer team season-opening weekend proved to be a lukewarm one, as they beat Bishop’s 2-0 on Friday only to lose by the same margin against McGill on Sunday. “It’s definitely a hard transition to go to two games a weekend and transitioning over a nice win on Bishop is overwhelming,” said defenceman Lindsey Brooks. “We were overwhelmed by McGill and … Continue reading Pressure Cooked

Concordia Drops Season Opener to Rival Redmen

The Stingers dropped their season opener in a 2-1 loss to McGill University on Sunday Photo Laura Lalonde SPORTS by Chanel Jacques — Published September 8, 2014 Every sports team likes to get off on the right foot at the start of the season, and there isn’t a better way to do so than getting the better of your rival. The Stingers men’s soccer team had hoped to do that over McGill on Sunday. Unfortunately, Concordia fell short of their goal, losing 2-1 to the Redmen. “For a first game this season, it’s a little disappointing,” said head coach Greg … Continue reading Concordia Drops Season Opener to Rival Redmen

Stingers Cross-Country Preview

Photo Luciana Dykstra Team Looks To Run Away From The Competition SPORTS by Chanel Jacques — Published September 1, 2014 Changes are coming this year for Stingers cross-country. The first notable change is the addition of a recreational cross-country squad to the current competitive cross-country team, increasing the number of runners. “They are not limited to training, they can actually race,” said cross-country head coach Simon Driver. “The idea is that we want to grow the club within the university. We don’t want people to think we’re exclusively elite, it’s open to anyone who wants to run.” Training will be … Continue reading Stingers Cross-Country Preview

Stingers Rugby Previews

Both Stingers rugby teams are preparing for a championship or bust season after losing to McGill in their season finales. Photo Geoffrey Vendeville   Stingers Rugby Previews The Theme is Redemption For These Stingers Rugby Teams SPORTS by Chanel Jacques — Published August 26, 2014 Men’s Rugby Last season, the Stingers men’s rugby team reached the RSEQ provincial final, but relived a familiar nightmare—a loss at the hands of the McGill Redmen. It’s a loss that’s still fresh in the mind of coach Clive Gibson. “We played well all season, but we crapped out in finals,” Gibson said. “It probably … Continue reading Stingers Rugby Previews

Pumpkin Parade

      The Pumpkin parade was launched in 2013 by an Outremont resident. The idea behind this parade was to prolong Halloween for a few days. It also was an original idea to compost these pumpkins that always find their way in the trash. To show how fun this parade can be, a small two minute still photo animation program called Soundslides from Mac computers was used. This program is to create an original way to tell stories with pictures and audio clips. For the full video click right here  Continue reading Pumpkin Parade

Quebec’s Voting Registration

    In the last few weeks, Prime Minister Pauline Marois has been worried about Anglophone students living outside the province to steal the elections. Her worries made a big a scandal and involved the Electoral Office who had ensured Marois and the other parties that the law is working and that there is nothing to worry about. It was too little too late to stop people from panicking. The Anglophone students who met the prerequisites to vote were refused their right to vote on April 7. The Liberal Party of Quebec took advantage of Marois’ worries and the Coalition … Continue reading Quebec’s Voting Registration