The Importance of Journalism Bloggers

Blogging revolutionizes the way journalists portray their information. It reaches the audience quicker than a traditional broadcast. Even though a tweet is easier to do, some journalists say a broadcast has depth. A blog can reach a broader audience quicker and is simpler to make updates which is an advantage when being right on the scene and quickly respond to your viewers. Even though it’s not delved as a broadcast, both may go hand in hand.

The audience can see a tweet that catches their eye and have the complete details with the broadcast. It’s not necessary to have a competition between both and figure out which is better. We now are in a technological era where internet is highly used to fetch daily news.

Some journalists think that blogging kills journalism because any amateur can write anything about something and it would be considered newsworthy. Another downer is that what one journalist might tweet is missing details, is incomplete and the viewer can’t follow.

The fact is, everybody wants to know and share their knowledge. Blogging is simply a tool that helps television, radio and newspapers. It has become a dominant platform but without it, how would the world communicate amongst each other? Do people always need to pertain to the old ways and fear a transition? Television, radio, and newspapers aren’t lost, they are bonding with blogging which offers a much wider audience and quicker way to scoops.

Blogging is a learning experience that not all journalists are ready to accept. On the other hand, it can help a beginner in blogging on how to create an audience, which information is pertinent to that audience, and the way you as the blogger portray the information all comes into play. But without blogs, how can journalists personally and/or professionally express themselves and have an audience commenting on a certain issue that normally wouldn’t be said on a newscast or in a newspaper article.

A journalist’s job is to share knowledge and news of what is happening locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. If blogs wouldn’t exist, how would information spread more quickly? How would people personally know what is happening in the Middle East if it weren’t for Al Jazeera giving an exclusive coverage. These blogs are important to the world because everybody can access and make their own opinion of the events. After all, blogging is just a simpler way to reach out to more people. A good learning blog to help you become a pro is the journalistic blog.

Blogging is not a death row to other social media, but rather a new development that will reinforce journalists and create a new platform. Don’t be afraid as a new journalist to start blogging. It might as well be just as enriching as learning how to make broadcasts. One thing is certain, journalism blogging is not a new trend, but a new way of doing our jobs.

Here are a few blogs you can follow:


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