Sochi Issues

This short story treats about the Pre-Olympic preparations in Sochi, Russia. What makes this interesting is that Russia and its leader Vladimir Poutine didn’t seem at all ready to host the Games.

This story titled “Sochi Issues” will demonstrate how Russia wasn’t quite ready for the guests to arrive. Hotel rooms weren’t completed, the water wasn’t filtered, journalists were willing to trade light bulbs for a door knob etc. It just comes to show how a country must be organized to ensure that the Olympic Games are successful.

In my case, I will treat about some hotel issues, but specifically the ones in the rooms and hallways that were…well not quite all in a neat shape. If they were, they presented a few anomalies that someone renting a hotel room wouldn’t normally see.

It’s just to say that Russians have their own way of doing which shocked quite a few people when they arrived in Sochi.

This little story will present these anomalies and special ways of doing from Russia with a little twist of humour. The point is NOT to make fun of Russia! The point is simply to point a few mistakes that were made and show the world how tough it can be to be hosting the Olympic Games.

Everyone is human and errors are normal, but some of these next photos are ..well I won’t ruin it for you so see for yourself! What do yo think?

Is it exaggerated? Click on the link here to get full story!


Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.17.50 AM




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