The Art of Gathering Information



Data journalism is when a journalist collects data for a specific use. It is important to do so because gathering information is one of the basics to be a professional journalist.


It is also useful because it allows to build archives and no information is forever lost. With all that information, it also allows journalists to convey their data in several ways. It is either with charts, maps, diagrams or even with interactive info graphics.


It simply is an original way to convey information for the public who will also have a better understanding because there are visuals to backup what the journalist says.


From a journalistic perspective, data journalism is a style still in development but it is gaining in popularity. It is a tool to have in one’s pocket because if you do not know how to gather information, then you can not be the best journalist.


As a journalist, all information that one can get may be useful. If it is not needed in one thing, it can be useful for another. By keeping all information, you can do a compilation about a certain event, on a politician or even about a person. By using Data Journalism, one can present its data in an original and unique way.


Without it, how would media and/or the public would be able to keep track of what is going on around them? How would we journalist be able convey the information to its public if we do not gather it?  

 Here is an example of an Infographic



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