The Art of Gathering Information

    Data journalism is when a journalist collects data for a specific use. It is important to do so because gathering information is one of the basics to be a professional journalist.   It is also useful because it allows to build archives and no information is forever lost. With all that information, it also allows journalists to convey their data in several ways. It is either with charts, maps, diagrams or even with interactive info graphics.   It simply is an original way to convey information for the public who will also have a better understanding because there … Continue reading The Art of Gathering Information

Playing with Photoshop

This next series of pictures were modified on Photoshop C series 6.   This picture was straightened using the crop tool and rotating it. Afterwards I have enhanced the colour to make the photo brighter.     This photo has LITERALLY been brought back to life. Using the colour contrast tool, it was possible to give it back its light. This photo has been cropped to keep focus on the stairs and a nice shed light to finish.   This one is obvious: it was much too dark. The brightness contrast tool was all that was needed to improve this … Continue reading Playing with Photoshop

Sochi Issues

This short story treats about the Pre-Olympic preparations in Sochi, Russia. What makes this interesting is that Russia and its leader Vladimir Poutine didn’t seem at all ready to host the Games. This story titled “Sochi Issues” will demonstrate how Russia wasn’t quite ready for the guests to arrive. Hotel rooms weren’t completed, the water wasn’t filtered, journalists were willing to trade light bulbs for a door knob etc. It just comes to show how a country must be organized to ensure that the Olympic Games are successful. In my case, I will treat about some hotel issues, but specifically … Continue reading Sochi Issues

Are We Journalists Using Social Media Effectively?

I can admit from the start that I personally haven’t engulfed myself in using Twitter and Facebook as tools to convey information. It’s not because I don’t believe that journalists shouldn’t use it, it’s just because I haven’t caught on to it just yet and I’m part of the “modern era”. Weird isn’t it? Yes, I grab a newspaper every day and go on-line once in a while. The main obvious difference is that the news spread through social media arrives much quicker than the newspaper. From what I can see, journalists shouldn’t limit themselves to print and broadcast. News … Continue reading Are We Journalists Using Social Media Effectively?

The Importance of Journalism Bloggers

Blogging revolutionizes the way journalists portray their information. It reaches the audience quicker than a traditional broadcast. Even though a tweet is easier to do, some journalists say a broadcast has depth. A blog can reach a broader audience quicker and is simpler to make updates which is an advantage when being right on the scene and quickly respond to your viewers. Even though it’s not delved as a broadcast, both may go hand in hand. The audience can see a tweet that catches their eye and have the complete details with the broadcast. It’s not necessary to have a … Continue reading The Importance of Journalism Bloggers

Hitting Rock Bottom

One point. That was the difference in Concordia’s football team’s loss to the McGill Redmen (3-2) in the Shrine Bowl last Saturday, as they fell 53-52 on a missed conversion in overtime. The defeat drops the Stingers to a dismal 0-5 on the season. “We wanted to get on our playoff run, and today is a setback,” said Stingers head coach Gerry McGrath. “We just got to play with more maturity and consistency.” The game had the showings of a defensive struggle early on, with both teams allowing only field goals in the first quarter. The game would see its … Continue reading Hitting Rock Bottom